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Transport and Infrastructure Sectoral Committee

Contents of this page are being compiled and will be made available soon.


It is the mission of the Transport and Infrastructure Sectoral Committee to improve and strengthen the effectiveness of the Sectoral Committee through having consistent meetings, contribute practical and achievable recommendations, consolidate and submit to appropriate agencies for actions and monitor and report outcomes to business and community.


The purpose of the Transport and Infrastructure Sectoral Committee is to:

Ensure meeting minutes/reports and briefs are prepared and circulated to members and other interested stakeholders in a timely manner;
Ensure follow-up actions are taken in a timely manner on decisions or actions of the committee’s meetings;
Provide executive assistance to the Chairman of the Transport and Infrastructure Sectoral Committee and ensure that there is smooth operation;
Provide advice and strategic support on matters relating to the Transport and Infrastructure sector;
Provide a forum for a positive exchange of ideas between the committee members and the wider community in relation to Transport and Infrastructure management strategies, policies and projects.


Committee membership is comprised of core Transport and Infrastructure Agencies including Departments of Transport and Works, National Roads Authority, Civil Aviation Authority, Ports PNG Ltd, Chamber of Commerce, Business Council, other private sector industries, Church Representatives, Non-Government Organizations and Civil Society.  

NCD Public Transport Providers, Users, and Regulators workshop, 2018

The CIMC through the Transport and Infrastructure Sectoral Committee hosted the NCD- Public Transport (Providers, Users, and Regulators workshop in October last year. The two day workshop with the theme “Breaking barriers and building bridges for improved public transport system in Port Moresby” was officially opened by the Minister for National Planning Hon. Richard Maru, MP and was officially closed by Hon. Wesley Nkundji, MP Minister for Transport.
Various stakeholders from the public transport industry in the city were attracted to this workshop where they were engaged to look at ways services can be improved to meet required standards through appropriate policies and legislation. The workshop was used as an avenue to introduce service providers to new laws and policies particularly on information about the National Transport Strategy, Policy, and Legislation on Public Transport. It was seen as setting the platform for dialogue for transport sector agencies and other partners to address regulatory and operational issues concerning public transport systems in Port Moresby. 
The issues and challenges of the public transport system in NCD were identified and recommendations were made for consideration. It is hoped that from these recommendations, a strategy will be developed to improve and make the system convenient, reliable and efficient for service users.

See Report here.


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