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Agriculture Sectoral Committee

Purpose of the Committee
The Purpose of the Committee is to maintain a sectoral committee membership or stakeholder network. Ensure that constant liaison between relevant government departments is directly related to the sectors (Department of Agriculture and Livestock, Department of Commerce and Industry, Department of National Planning and Monitoring, National Forestry Authority, National Fisheries Authority, Department of Environment and Conservation, Office of Climate and Development etc.) and to ensure the Long Term Development Strategy for the Agriculture and Natural Resources Sector is completed or on track.

Make up of the Committee
The Agriculture and Natural Resources Sectoral Committee is made up of stakeholders or agencies like; The Agriculture Research and Development Organizations, Agriculture Educational Institutions, Government Departments, Statutory Organizations and Development Partners/ Non-Governmental Organizations. Mr Warren Dutton from the North Fly Rubber is the Chairman for the Agriculture Sectoral Committee however, Mr Paul Barker steps in as Chairman during his absence.

Committee membership includes (Agriculture Sector):

Government Departments:
Department of Treasury
Department of National Planning and Monitoring
Department of Agriculture and Livestock

Commodity Boards:
Coffee Industry Corporation
Oil Palm Industry Corporation
PNG Palm Oil Council
Cocoa Board Of PNG
Fresh Produce Development Agency
Kokonat Industri Koporesin
Alele Limited
British Tobacco PNG Limited

Agriculture Research and Tertiary Institutions:
National Agriculture Research Institute
National Agriculture Research Institute-KilaKila
PNG Cocoa Coffee Research Institute
National Agriculture Quarantine Inspection Authority
University of Natural Resources and Environment

Private Sector and Non-Government Organizations:
Institute of National Affairs
Rural Industries Council
North Fly Rubber
Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council
Pacific Agric Systems Ltd

Development Partners:
World Bank

The Agriculture Summit Report can be accessed here

 The Natural Resources Sector at the moment does not have a Chairman or members yet. However, Government Departments that come under the Natural Resources Sector are:

Government Departments:

Department Of Environment and Conservation
Department Of Lands and Physical Planning
National Fisheries Authority
National Forestry Authority
Office of Climate Change and Development

The Role of the Committee is to:

Assist the technical person to compile the key recommendations and proceedings of the National Agriculture Conference. Organise the second quarter meeting of the Agriculture Committee to table key recommendations for member’s endorsement before it is submitted to the new government.
Facilitate the review of the National Investment Climate and Fiscal Conditions Study Proposal and revive the technical Committee to do this.
Provide executive assistance to the Chairman of each of the two sectoral committees and ensure their smooth operation, including preparing their work plans, budgets and overseeing swift implementation of these plans.

Functions of the Committee is to:

Organise quarterly meetings every year and keep accurate records of meetings.
Ensure follow-up actions are taken in a timely manner on decisions of the Committees’ meetings. In particular, provide executive assistance in researching and drafting policy submissions, monitoring outcomes and reporting on these. Prepare presentation papers, briefs to government Ministers, etc. on chosen topic areas.
Provide executive or secretariat services to the sectoral committees.
Represent the organization in meetings and conferences organised by other partners
Do updates or briefings to the Executive Officer on events attended.

Responsible for the Natural Resources Sectoral Committee will also be expected to perform the following duties:

Co-ordinate the NGO positions including field research in aspects of the REDD and Carbon Trading or related.
Work closely with the Department of Environment and Conservation in putting forward the NGO and private sector views on REDD and Climate Compatible Development for PNG.
Facilitate Dialogue between government and NGOs on key climate change issues that are on the agenda at current.
Facilitate Consultations between Lands Department and the Economic Sector Agencies on National Land Use Mapping Initiative.
Work closely with the National Land Development Program.
Facilitate consultations among NGOs on Oceanic Fisheries Management (OFM) and related.
Organise and facilitate the initiatives of PNG Oceanic Fisheries Management core group meeting on how to progress.
Facilitate a workshop to prioritise issues and come up with an action plan for OFM in PNG.

Liaise with National Fisheries Authority in planning the PNG OFM Action Plan Workshop.
Any other duties as directed by the CIMC Executive Officer.                                                                                       

“Helping and growing Agriculture and Natural Resources for a Sustainable and Better Future”

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